BR/June Gunz Server Files + Client + Xiao`s Runnable [Rev5]


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    BR/June Gunz Server Files + Client + Xiao`s Runnable [Rev5]

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    ServerFiles Features :

    *Translated Menus and Interface (Locator.exe, MatchServer.exe, MatchAgent.exe) to English
    *All XML Cleaned in English and Work 99.9%
    *XML Synchronized with files from the client
    *Exp 1.1% Default
    *Bounty 1.1% Default
    *Reorganised the Archives, deleting unnecessary files.
    *MatchAgent Work 100%
    *Log Cleaned
    *GUNZ Server Manager by meiscooldude (Start/Stop/Restart your server from a remote computer, and Auto-Restart when either Locator.exe, Agent.exe, or Server.exe)
    *Database and Shop Fix (By Rotana)
    *It works perfectly with the Dex Anticheat by Lambda! It is fully compatible!
    They can use it:
    The database through (Querry Analizer "Database_GunzDB.sql")
    or to restore Database (GunzDB.bak)
    *Customer Ready and prepared to work with the Client

    Client Features :
        *Translated To english
        *System.mrs synchronized with files from the server (zitem, cserror.xml, etc.) for excellent performance
        *Gunz Launcher Redesign Interface and Translated to English By Me (System32)
        *Runnable TheDuel.exe (MaxTeam)
        *Interface: Brazil Server Game
        *Include Two Utilities (MrsUnpacker and FileList XML Maker) in Folder Utilities
        *Customer Ready and prepared to work with the ServerFiles

    The New Runnable , features:
    - Xtrap Skipped :D.
    - Forced to open client with launcher
    - Respawns with updating launcher
    - No Virus [AVG,Avast,Kaspersky,ESET Nod32 friendly]
    - Custom Maps Enabled
    - Loads Map Banner


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