[Release]Season 6 Titans tech [SCFMT] 10.07.35


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    [Release]Season 6 Titans tech [SCFMT] 10.07.35

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    Cel Mai Nou Server de Season VI.
    . [Gens] Some members of the guild are taken several times FIXED
    . [Skills] Elf Buffs do not disappear when I add more than 1 minute FIXED
    . [CastleSiege] Less GSCS Optimized CPU, less RAM,
    . [Reset] Added support RF Resets
    . [BotVipShop] Opens Vip Shop with BotVipShop (CRYSTAL EDITION)
    . [Warehouse] MultiWare FIXED System
    . [Anti-Hack] LuckyCoins, DoubleGoer, Imperial, Alchemist, Kanturu Gate antidupeo protection
    . [Server] Pet FIXED Bug Cheat
    . [Bot] Can Kill NPC Bots FIXED
    . [Gens] No reward delivery FIXED
    . [Gens] Added Rank Control Server Settings
    . [Items] Option added to Harmony items +14 + 15 Added
    . [AntiAFK] Fixed Lorencia power to warp when a given pj (/ trade, etc)
    . [Items] S3 Wings enemy attack power it returns with 5% probabilities Hit You too FIXED

    . [Software] Anti Hack aggregate system.
    . [Software] Decreased CPU and RAM resources used.
    . [Software] Improvements to the server.
    . [Items] can be repaired Mini Wings and Wings RageFighter FIXED
    . [Skills] Flame Strike Slash Sword AKA can paste in area Non-PvP server FIXED
    . [BotPet] Added / botpet relife (to revive your botpet (only used when you botpet dies))
    . [Bot] Added several Fixed1

    . [RageFighter] Upper Beast and Large Blower Ring Added to the arms and removed the character to be created and its evolution
    . [RageFighter] Fixed input to DS
    . [BotTrader] Percentage of luck and skill
    . [BotTrader] Added maximum and minimum trade options
    . [Events] Improved excellent handling on the server drop
    . [Reset] Added reward and VIPMoney PCPoint
    . [BotBuffer] Now works with / trade
    . [VIP] VIP Account Server can change (Added configuration)
    . [Monsters] Fixed RegenTime
    . [RageFighter] Fitness increases stamina skill fix (VitalityToLife)
    . [VIP] has changed from Server VIP (VIP Icon FIX)
    . [Quests] Fixed Quests of Season 6
    . [Quests] Added better control of inventory when the quest is completed and receives the item
    . [RageFighter] Cannot hit FIX RF
    . [Server] Less memory used in different processes
    . [CustomJewels] Reduced memory usage, redesigned the engine for the implementation of jewel
    . [BotTrader] Added BotTrader (As TradeMix but search engines and other features) (MAX 10 BOTS)

    . [BotPet] ON
    . [Player] Changing the position of experience and reset penalty to log in
    . [SwampEvento] Fix in Swamp Logeo server when you change
    . [SwampEvento] Swamp is now a GS-CS server
    . [Skills] FireBurst Change the style of Damage (now Force Related)
    . [Skills] Sword Slash Venom Added Dynamic.
    . [Server] Added Guild Extra Trunks !!!!!!
    . [BotBuffer] Added BotBuffer (BOTS as Phantom Soldier NPC)
    . [Anti-Hack] Improved
    . [Server] Save and load if this Open or Closed Trials
    . [Evolution] evolution Fixed RF
    . [Event] Fixed RF BloodCastle, Kalima, ChaosCastle input levels

    Password : 123456

    Link's :
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    2- Donwload MuServer .
    Link's Client :
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    Titan Tech[SCFMT]
    Pinkof - for crack
    DarkSeiya, MiloDark - for purchasing and providing

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