[MuOnline]Season IV +Item New (Aly)


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    [MuOnline]Season IV +Item New (Aly)

    Mesaj  ReLaX la data de Vin Apr 22, 2011 9:00 pm

    Facut de mine 70%.No Bugs 99.9%
    Va Urez succes!!!!

    BC8 - 100% 1ª 2ª 3ª
    DS7 - 100% 1ª 2ª 3ª
    CC7 - 100% 1ª 2ª 3ª
    Illusion Temple - 100%
    Happy Hour - 100%
    Golden Invasion - 100%
    White Wizzard - 100%
    Rabbit Evento - 100%
    Sky Evento - 100%
    Raklion Evento
    Event Azul - 100%
    Toate Quests - 100%
    Marlon Quest - 100%
    HalloweenEvent - 100%
    GM comandos - 100%

    Update 1

    S3 Items - 100%
    S3 NPC - 100%
    S3 Mobs - 100%
    S3 Mapas - 100%
    S4 Mobs - 100%
    S4 Items - 100%
    S4 Competências - 100%
    PC Pontos Shop - 100%
    Raklion Mapa -100%
    SwampOfCalmess - 100%
    Skill Tree - 100%
    New Map Vulcanus
    Socket 100%
    System Auto Exp 100%
    Moss Merchant 100%
    Rudolf 100%
    Set Season 4 (Darklord e Bk ) 100%
    Chaos Castle Master LVL 100%

    - Blood Castle Event - 99%
    - Devil Square Event - 100%
    - Chaos Castle Event - 100%
    - Boss Attack Event -100%
    - Kantru Event - 100%
    - Illusion Teample Event - 100%
    - Happy Hour Event - 100%
    - Golden Invasion - 100%
    - White Wizzard - 100%
    - Rabbit Event - 100%
    - Sky Event - 100%
    - Blue Event - 100%
    - Hit and up Event - 100%
    - Halloween Event - 100%
    - Raklion Event - 100%
    - Merchant Moss - 100%
    - Duel Event - 100%
    - Castle Siege CryWolf and to check

    Gm Command


    User Command

    Vip Comand

    Game Server Comand

    New Shop
    Shop13: Leo The Helper
    Shop14: Pamela
    Shop15: Angela
    Shop16: Fireworks Girl
    Shop17: Elegance Allen
    Shop18: Sivia
    Shop19: Leah
    Shop20: Marseille
    Shop21: Daesyeo
    Shop22: Commit
    Shop23: Dancers
    Shop24: Cupid
    Shop25: Peuraenseo
    Shop26: Donner
    Shop27: Bikseon
    Shop28: Beulrijeun
    Shop29: Moss The Merchant

    New Sword
    Ilidan Sword
    Arthas Blade
    Minisher Blade
    Zabuza Sword
    Maine Blade
    Naga Storm Blade
    Icarus Sword
    Dynasti Sword
    Ultimate Hammer

    New Shild
    King Shield
    Master soul Shield
    Divine sheld
    Dynasty Shield
    Balrog Shield

    New Set
    Vegeta SSj 4
    Gohan SSJ
    Baby Vegeta
    Goku SSJ4
    Goku SSJ3
    Goku SSJ5
    Naruto Shippuden
    Itachi Uchiha
    Sakura Haruno
    ino yamanaka
    Rock Lee

    New Wings
    Wing of Illusive
    Wing of Divine
    Wing of Angel
    Wing of Glorius
    Wing of Dragon Maine
    Wing of Zephyr
    Wing of Brow
    Wing of Flame Illusion
    Wing of Hell Maine
    Wing of Invisible

    Update 1:

    . [Skill Effects] Soul Potion effect added
    . [Skill Effects] Bless Potion effect added
    . [Castle Siege] Castle Gates show with proper states
    . [Castle Siege] Castle Crown unlocks and locks in real time
    . [Castle Siege] Castle Crown announcement sent when shield Enabled/Disabled
    . Masters Exp Fix After Die
    . New Gate Moves, added random number padding, so ppl show up random place
    . [Duel System] Implemented winning announcement + Room + Score
    . [Duel System] At the end of Duel, duelers have 10 seconds to move
    . [Duel System] On login if player in Duel Map => moves to Volcanus
    . [Duel System] Sometime not all Duel parties get warped to the new map
    . [Duel System] Winning Duelere doesnt receive Gladiators Buf Fix
    . [Duel System] Duelers can not move until the duel is over
    . [Duel System] Request 'Only in Lorencia' fix
    . [Duel System] Spectator move = delete from the room
    . [Duel System] Fixed spectator move bug (stays invisible)
    . [Duel System] Spectators are not shown with correct invisible state fix

    Update 2:

    . 3rd Level Wings ignore damage and attack rate % fix
    . 3rd Level Wings 5% damage return probability fix
    . Fixed Summoner Quest Item deletion (added level of quest item)
    . Increased Summoner Quest drop: Emperror, Ring of Glory and Churchil's Eye
    . Fixed Season 3 Quest Drop rate error for Feather, Horn and Flame
    . Removed OPTIONS: SCFS3DropInAllMaps, SCFS3MapDrop from SCF_Season3.ini
    . Removed unnecessary loglines from scf new logs, for easier bug tracking
    . Crywolf Background of altar doesnt change in real time fix
    . 3rd Level Wings ignore damage and attack rate % fix
    . 3rd Level Wings 5% damage return probability fix
    . Player on login visual effects/gm sign fix, duel spectator fix
    . Implemented realtime engine for switch of monster and NPC states
    . Castle Crown announcement now sent when shield Enabled/Disabled

    Update 3

    . [ExtraExp] Separate ExtraExp for Party's
    . [ExtraExp] Now works with party too
    . /add Command Limited by Stat Limit by Character
    . [Calc Character] Attack Damage Edition for all classes
    . [Calc Character] Defense Edition for all classes
    . [Calc Character] Successful Blocking for all classes
    . [Calc Character] Attack Speed for all classes
    . [Calc Character] Magic Speed for all classes
    . Auto Add Exp -1 Value FIXED
    . [ExtraExp] Exp FIXED
    . [ExtraExp] Added by Maps
    . [ExtraExp] Added by VIP (New System)
    . [ExtraExp] Added by Resets

    Update 4

    . [Command] /playerinfo "playername" ADDED
    . Need Resets Option for create guild ADDED
    . BC 8 LIMIT BUG by exit and enter FIXED
    . Marry Position FIX
    . Skill Tree Effects now work 100%
    . Skill Tree Icons for Skills no longer dissapear
    . Guild SQL Injection Fix
    . BC 8 LIMITE
    . Raklion Event
    . Marry Square Sistem

    Update 5

    . Summoner HP C, Login, Warp
    . Kalima Gates OK (kalima 2 A 7)
    . Explotion Skill Drink OK
    . Magic Circle Skill Drink OK
    . Reduce Dmg Shield Skill Drink OK
    . Five Shot Skill Drink OK
    . Sword Slash Skill Drink Ok
    . Lighting Storm Skill Drink Ok
    . Birds Skill Drink Ok
    . Drop Item Execelent

    MuServer: http://www.filefront.com/14241095/MuOnlineSeason-IV--Full-Release---Summer-Edition.rar/
    megaupload.com RUHUHERM

    Main: http://www.filefront.com/14241159/MuOnlineSeason-IV-Main--Full-Release---Summer-Edition.rar/
    megaupload.com O133XFCV

    Client: megaupload.com TH0LYD55
    megaupload.com B1IB2KI7

    Some little fixes: megaupload.com OMDNUCDU

    GameServer: http://www.filefront.com/14243263/MuOnlineSeason-IV--Full-Release-GameServer---Summer-Edition.rar/
    megaupload.com PGL133TG

    GameServer_CS: megaupload.com 1IGHQOEI



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