SCFMT 10.03.70 Por Lunatico y DARYoi + SubServer


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    SCFMT 10.03.70 Por Lunatico y DARYoi + SubServer

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    VER: 10.03.70
    . [Reset] Fix on SP Reset System
    . [Duel] Sometimes two different duel parties will end up in the same room
    . [Buffs] Summoner Buffs can attack in safe zone FIX
    . [Warehouse] Extra Warehouse Re-Enabled
    . [Warehouse] Anti-Dupe Added for multivault
    . [Anti-Hack] Implemented Attack map and distance detection system on Normal Attacks (fixed false positives)
    . [CastleSiege] Improve Gates and Statues FIXED

    VER: 10.03.60 - 18/02/2010

    . [CastleSiege] Crown time FIXED
    . [TradeMix] Multiple Fixes implemented
    . [BotPet] Cant Enter/Invoked into event or duel map (when you enter bot exit from game)
    . [Anti-Hack] Implemented Attack map and distance detection system on SKILLS
    . [Anti-Hack] Implemented Attack map and distance detection system on Normal Attacks
    . [Crystal Edition][SCFVipShop] Control of items added
    . [Crystal Edition][SCFVipShop] AntiHack Control Added
    . [Crystal Edition][SCFVipShop] Server Side Implemented
    . [Crystal Edition][SCFVipShop] Added new SCFVipShop with interface - Client Side Implemented

    VER: 10.03.54 - 11/02/2010
    . [BotPet] LevelUp Mana FIX
    . [Item] Added full support of all items to +15 (Implemented MAX_ITEM_LEVEL define)
    . [BotPet] /botpet stats command remaked
    . [BotPet] Max Level Fixed
    . [WinLicense] Files now run again on Windows XP without compromise security.

    VER: 10.03.52 - 9/02/2010
    . [Warehouse] Anti-Flood (Must Wait 3 seconds before open it again with multivault)
    . [BotPet] Allow Change Skill System (More than one skill in each BotPet)
    . [BotPet] Calc Stats on LevelUp improved

    VER: 10.03.49 - 9/02/2010
    . [CastleSiege] Lag fixed when you enter in Crown Room
    . [CustomQuest] Doesnt come mail FIX (SQL FIX + GS FIX)
    . [BotPet] Inform life when life its < 40
    . [BotPet] New commands
    . [Server] Crash on /botpet Command FIX
    . [Crystal Pack] Addons and Fixes - Crystal Pack Ready

    VER: 10.03.43 [Advanced Package Only]
    . [BotPet] Cant Trade or Party With inform ADD
    . [ChaosCard] WPE Injection FIX
    . [Server] Option added for show/unshow when gages go to max
    . [TradeMix] Little bugs FIX
    . [Skill] Some Skills effects attack Cannon Tower by higher rates FIX
    . [BotPet] New feature BotPet only for VIPs
    . [Party] SCFMaxPartyLevelDiferense Option Added
    . [Server] T Bug Final Fix
    . [Character] Added options for MagicAttack

    VER: 10.03.38 [Advanced Package Only]
    . [Security] Internal Protocol Changes
    . [Crystal Edition] Preparing for release.
    . [Crystal Edition] Added Main client control.
    . [Crystal Edition] Added 64 new wings with their mixes.
    . [Crystal Edition] Started new branch for SCF Main Addon

    VER: 10.03.33 [Advanced Package Only]
    . [BotPet] Initial Release
    . [TradeMix] Fixed tipo issue.

    VER: 10.03.29 [Advanced Package Only]
    . [Protocol] PacketChecksum added

    VER: 10.03.23
    . [New Custom System] TradeMix (Use that not used items and transform them on cool items)
    . [New Custom System] Multi Warehouse

    VER: 10.03.15
    . [Skill] Added Elf Aura Buffs Time Control
    . [Skill] UnSleep Monsters FIX
    . [Skill] Explotion Skill make more dmg
    . [CastleSiege] Dont apply Summoner Buffs to Tower, Doors, Statues
    . [Exp] Added 3 Different System on SCF_ExtraExp.ini
    . [PK] Added PK Item Drop Options

    Extra Vault

    Iteme +15

    Bot Pet

    Server Files :


    Download Client :


    Main Season 5 Editor :


    Rulati in Query MuOnline :

    alter table memb_info add SCFWareVipCount int Not NULL default 0[PRIMARY]

    if exists (select * from dbo.sysobjects where id = object_id(N'[dbo].[BotPet]') and OBJECTPROPERTY(id, N'IsUserTable') = 1)
    drop table [dbo].[BotPet]

    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[BotPet] (
    [AccountID] [varchar] (10) COLLATE Chinese_PRC_CI_AS NOT NULL ,
    [Name] [nvarchar] (10) COLLATE Chinese_PRC_CI_AS NOT NULL ,
    [cLevel] [int] NOT NULL ,
    [Class] [tinyint] NULL ,
    [Experience] [bigint] NULL ,
    [Power] [smallint] NULL ,
    [Defense] [smallint] NULL ,
    [Inventory] [varbinary] (1728) NULL ,
    [MagicList] [varbinary] (180) NULL ,
    [Life] [real] NOT NULL ,
    [MaxLife] [real] NOT NULL ,
    [Mana] [real] NOT NULL ,
    [MaxMana] [real] NOT NULL ,
    [MapNumber] [smallint] NULL ,
    [MapPosX] [smallint] NULL ,
    [MapPosY] [smallint] NULL ,
    [CDate] [smalldatetime] NULL ,
    [BotLife] [int] NOT NULL ,
    [BotMaxLife] [int] NOT NULL ,
    [BotLvlUpDefense] [int] NOT NULL ,
    [BotLvlUpPower] [int] NOT NULL ,
    [BotLvlUpLife] [int] NOT NULL ,
    [BotLvlUpMana] [int] NOT NULL ,
    [BotLvlUpExp] [int] NOT NULL ,
    [BotLvlUpMaxLevel] [int] NOT NULL
    ) ON [PRIMARY]

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    Credits :


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