Season 6 Episode 1 Full


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    Season 6 Episode 1 Full

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    Season 6 Episode 1 Full[center]
    What includes:
    1. Crywolf fixed
    2. JoinServer fixed
    3. GameServer cracked
    4. GameServer_CS cracked
    5. SCFExdb cracked

    All Files Translated
    Quest(kor).txt fixed - Rage Fighter
    Item(kor).txt fixed
    Item(GS).txt fixed
    All Events working
    Max stats 32 767 (stable)
    Database support MD5
    Added Start with full items (without Rage Fighter)
    SCFExdb problem with connecting GameServer's fixed
    Custom Quests working & tested
    Gens System working
    All Skills work's
    Master Skill Three works
    PcPoint Shop works
    Movereq fixed (Server & Client)
    Gates fixed (Server & Client)
    MuMaker Season 6 items added

    If you found something that isnt working please write.

    Important: This files are original if you found it somewhere else with different size and without password know that are not original!
    Files Total Size: 21.4MB
    Files Password: MFS Team

    1.Open folder Data/ and rename EventItembags folder to : ItemBags
    2.Download Update1.rar from 0AWG9VUACU
    3.Download Update2.rar from K1SFIPRA3Z
    4.Download New Database QF4QHS0W
    5.Download Sql La Care Nu Ii Merge La Update 3 Databaseul:

    New Update v3 (support update 1,4, without 2 for client!)
    Download from : MegaUpload XD796XGN
    Download from : MultiUpload 8T6X0E5XV0

    Server Files: 5O49RXCUVU QOGVWI29

    Client: S9SC9A9V QH6Y6WR29H

    Client Information:
    Version : 1.05.11
    IP :
    Serial : Mfsteamforeverrr
    Added main(backup) to the client if you have problems!

    IP Change:
    1. ConnectServer\Data\Scf_ServerList.cfg
    2. Data\IpList.dat
    3. Data\MapServerInfo.dat
    4. Data\Lang\Kor\CommonLoc.cfg

    SQL Change:
    1. DataServer\eDataServer.ini
    2. ScfExDb\Config.ini
    3. SCFInstaller\SCFQueryInstaller.ini
    4. VipManager\ScfVm.ini

    How to start server?
    Open "Start Server" folder and run the links:
    1. Run me Once!
    2. Link 1,2,3,4

    MFS Team
    Ema Leto

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